Water and Sanitation

Safe water transforms lives!!! For more than 10 years, WEWASAFO has pioneered safe water and sanitation solutions

Gender & Governance

The program purposes to strengthen youth and women's leadership at county and national levels in Kenya in Devolution aspects. QWERTYU

Sustainable Agriculture
& Food Security

We focus on increasing the food security for citizens, besides OVCs, their care givers and the youths.
About Wewasafo

Creating a sustainable life for marginalized communities

Our Mission Our Vision Our Core Values

“To work  with  marginalized members of the community in Western Kenya to reduce poverty through harnessing and utilization of local resources for sustainable development.”


 “To create a sustainable life for  marginalized members of the community.”

We believe in:
Equitable services to the less privileged and marginalized community members
Ensuring rights of women and children are realized
Integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability

Western Water and Sanitation Forum (WEWASAFO) is an Independent, Non-Governmental organization registered in Kenya by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) coordination Board of Kenya in 2007.The organization was given the mandate to work in the entire western region of Kenya to design, develop and implement health and human development activities in the region. 

WEWASAFO focuses on working with marginalized members of the community to reduce poverty through harnessing and utilization of local resources for sustainable development.

Service Experience
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Access to clean water improves...

We have learned each community we serve is different. From basic geology, to climate and culture, many factors determine the most sustainable project type to provide access to clean and safe water.


With proper and safe latrines, girls stay in school through their teenage years.


We ensure safe water, which means clean hands and in turn healthy bodies.


Access to water leads to food security. With less crop loss, hunger is reduced.


One of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa is lack of access to clean drinking water
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Our Impact!

Our Achievements in Numbers So far

As an organization WEWASAFO is taking action by; constructing  large rainwater catchment tanks and Ventilated Improved latrines(V.I.P) in schools, Protection of springs, shallow wells and construction of household latrines in communities. 

Equitable services
privileged and marginalized
Ensuring rights of women
Integrity, honesty,

Help us transform lives with clean water

We are able to account and show each partner exactly where their donation has gone and what impact has achieved 

Our Team

Meet Our Dedicated Team

We’re passionate about the impact that clean water and sanitation can make to people’s lives, and are committed to working towards the end of the water crisis in our lifetime.

Our Impact Partners

WEWASAFO works with organizations and corporates to expand our reach and resources, and most importantly our impact. 

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Over the years, our organization has supported communities and schools to access Adequate, Clean and Safe water through its harvesting and conservation. View  our latest updates 

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